2024 eXtended Reality Korea

March 27 – 29, 2024
The-K Hotel Seoul, Korea

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eXtended Reality Korea provides a global networking opportunity to exchange the latest information from XR industry-related companies, academia, and research organizations.

eXtended Reality, which has already been applied to our lives, began to receive significant attention as non-face-to-face services became active due to the coronavirus pandemic. Companies around the world that have confirmed the potential of eXtended Reality are accelerating the development of displays that are the center of XR hardware, and it is rapidly emerging as a future industrial field with expected future growth.

2024 eXtended Reality Korea, which will be held for the first time by UBI Research in March 2024, is an international business conference focusing on the technological development, market status, and future of eXtended Reality. The world’s leading XR companies, as well as companies and researchers representing various technology areas, will gather, participants can interact with each other, and an opportunity will be provided to support network building within the XR industry.

Main keywords

▷ XR market, technology, product trends
▷ XR hardware and software trends
▷ XR-related optical trends
▷ XR-related display trends
▷ The future of the XR industry

Why eXtended Reality Korea

※ Meeting with companies leading the XR industry

eXtended Reality Korea, an international business conference held in Korea, provides information about the latest technological trends and future strategies of XR companies.

※ Opportunity to build a global network

eXtended Reality Korea provides global networking opportunities to interact with people from XR-related companies, academia, and research institutes.

※ The best opportunity to promote your company

You can participate in exhibition booths to promote your products and services, and open your business channels with XR industry experts.


※ Corporate Promotion Marketing Opportunities

You can promote your company’s products and solutions by participating in the exhibition, and open up a business channel for your company by meeting XR-related participants.

※ Benefits of Exhibition

  • 2 Complimentary conference registrations for two days
  • Logo on Official Website
  • Logo on Promotional Materials
  • Five Minute Speaking Opportunity
※ Exhibition items

  • XR Hardware
  • XR parts, materials and equipment
  • XR-related optical, display
  • XR Software & Simulation
※ Networking Participating Companies

  • Display Set/ Panel Maker
  • XR parts, materials and equipment Manufacturers
  • Securities Company, Research Institutes, Investors

eXtended Reality Korea Networking

Networking time with Wine

Keeps the interaction with conversations. Participants will enjoy the opportunity to meet new people, talk about problems, share ideas, and get advice and suggestions.