Exhibitor Benefits (KRW 4,000,000)

  • 2 Complimentary conference registration for two days
  • Logo on Official Website
  • Logo on Promotional Materials
  • Five Minute Speaking Opportunity
  • A coffee station will be provided at the exhibition. All exhibitors will also be represented during the networking time.

2024 Exhibitors

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc.

“Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. (CIL) is a reliable and trusted partner supplying deuterated solvents and high-purity deuterium and carbon monoxide gases. CIL has the largest nongovernmental deuterium oxide (D2O) re-enrichment columns in the world and is also the global leader in the separation of 13C and 18O isotopes. CIL separates both 13C and 18O at CIL Isotope Separations (CIS) in Xenia, OH.”

Clearsynth is a Global Leader in Deuterium Chemistry, specialised in the development and manufacturing of Deuterated Reagents, Deuterated Solvents and Deuterated Intermediates from milligram to tonnes in state-of-the art facilities.
Expertise in bulk and custom synthesis capabilities allows our customers to power advancements in OLED, Drug discovery, Semiconductor and Optical Fiber Industries.
Take the first step towards a future of limitless opportunities by breaking paradigms through Deuterated compounds.
Connect with our experts at d2o@clearsynth.com to discuss your research and production requirements.

Intins is an official distributor of Ocean Insights(Ocean Optics) in the United States. Intins is selling Ocean Insight spectrometer and also developing and manufacturing several measurement equipment systems.
Intins’ ELQ Series is an measurement system to measure Electroluminescence Quantum Efiiciency, it offers best-in-class SNR and quantum efficiency. And it can be fabricated by applying 350-1700 nm, the widest wavelength band among existing EQE measurement equipment, in addition to Standard (350-780 nm) products. It has been delivered to various universities and is also being used for thesis production.
Please feel free to contact us(info@intins.co.kr) as we can connect with our technical experts to discuss the products and research you want.

CREDOXYS is a materials startup translating chemical innovation into groundbreaking solutions for OLED displays and organic photovoltaics. Established in 2021 in Dresden, Germany, within Europe’s largest Organic Electronics cluster, CREDOXYS leverages strong expertise in molecular design, scale-up, and organic electronics to develop high-performance functional materials tailored to address customer challenges and seamlessly integrate into mass production processes.
Our innovative p- and n-dopants, patents pending, enhance the power efficiency of OLEDs and solar cells, reduce pixel crosstalk, and provide unprecedented freedom in stack design. First product candidates, ready for scale-up, are currently undergoing testing by industry leaders.
Explore the advantages of our materials and connect with our experts and local representatives to discuss your specific requirements and testing procedures.

EULITHA provides nanolithography services and equipment for research and production. Our revolutionary PHABLE photolithography systems enable inexpensive fabrication of periodic nanostructures over large areas of planar and non-planar subrstrates. This proprietary technology has wide ranging uses in photonics, optoelectronics, displays, electronics, biotechnology, telecommunication, photovoltaics, lasers, sensors and AR/VR to name a few.