2024 Tutorial Speakers

Hyun Jae Kim
Professor, Yonsei University

Title : The Future of Extended Reality (XR): At Perspective of Display Backplane Technology

Abstract : This presentation covers the latest backplane technologies for displays, focusing especially on Extended Reality (XR). By discussing why XR is influential, we aim to provide an understanding of how backplane technologies are crucial in the evolution of future display technologies.

Dae-Gyu Moon
Professor, Soonchunhyang University

Title : Introduction to Micro-LED display technology

Abstract : Micro-LED is a promising candidate for the next generation display technology. This tutorial introduces the micro-LED display technology, including micro-LED devices, backplanes for micro-LED displays, micro-LED pixel arrays, and the related key technical issues.

Changho Noh
Senior Analyst, UBI Research

Title : Key Technologies to Realize Next-generation OLED Displays

Abstract : OLED applications are expanding into areas such as XR headsets that use micro-displays, transparent OLED TVs and IT areas with tandem OLED structures. New applications require changes in existing OLED structures and processes, and new material development for securing high resolution and lifespan. This tutorial will introduce the major issues and recent research and development trends in next-generation OLED devices.

2024 Conference Speakers

Choonghoon YI
CEO, UBI Research

Title : OLED and XR indusry outlook

Abstract : The OLED industry is slowly moving from smartphones and TVs to IT and automotive. The global OLED production capacity for smartphones is 1 billion units, and the Chinese smartphone market is rapidly increasing the use of OLEDs, so LCD lines below 6G will gradually lose their value. The ignition of the OLED market for IT is driving investment in 8.6G equipment. The investment in OLED lines for IT by Korean and Chinese companies is expected to start with tablet PCs and expand to laptops and monitors. Increased investment in OLED for IT will also depress the value of 7G LCD lines. Expectations for micro-OLED market growth are being fueled by Apple Vision Pro. Korean display companies are also investing in mass production equipment in anticipation of MR device market growth. The Korean display industry, which has the best OLED manufacturing technology, will dominate the micro-OLED market.

Sug Woo Jung
Corporate VP, Samsung Display

Title : AR/VR Development Strategy for Future Display

Abstract : In the past decade, application of display technology had been focused on development of TVs, IT, Mobile, and Tablets with qualities such as low power consumption and long operation time in mind. However, customer’s demand for XR (AR/VR) wearable devices becomes larger, so that displays with few thousand PPI has become a necessity in the field of ultra-high resolution display devices including AR and VR devices. In this presentation, SDC’s road-map to expand the AR/VR market will be introduced based on SDC’s plans to overcome the technical hurdles in ultra-high resolution displays.

Daniel Lee (Tai Jong Lee)
VP, Large Display Strategy & Marketing, LG Display

Title : Life with OLED

Abstract : The presentation will explore the applications of OLED displays in our daily lives, highlighting the benefits associated with the ongoing evolution of OLED technologies.

Sungyi Kim
Senior Manager, Hyundai MOBIS

Title : Automotive Display / HUD Trend and Future Display

Abstract : In this presentation, We present Automotive Display trend and requirement from Pillar To pillar display to Rollable display with MOBIS products. And We aim to predict future automotive display and discuss development strategy.

Alexey Menshikov
CEO, Fortell Games, Inc

Title : Next-Gen Mixed Reality: New Horizons for Spatial Computing

Abstract : Join us as we delve into the forefront of mixed-reality technology, dissecting its latest advancements and their profound influence on the gaming industry’s future. Explore the boundless possibilities unlocked by state-of-the-art headsets, tactile haptic feedback systems, and real-time rendering techniques, all converging to craft gaming experiences of unparalleled immersion. Don’t miss your chance to be part of the journey into the into the future of mixed reality gaming and spatial computing.

Fedor Dimov
Vice President of R&D, Technical Fellow, PhD, Holoptic

Title : Display Projects at Holoptic

Abstract : Work carried out in Holoptic in HMD, AR and IP HUDs is presented. In AR HUD, laser projectors using LCD, LCOS, DLP or LBS are preferred. In IP HUD, LED/OLED-based projectors are preferred. The implementation of AR and IP HUD in the automotive and other industries is considered.

Chih-Ling Wu
Director, PlayNitride Inc.

Title : MicroLED micro-display in PlayNitride

Abstract : Micro-light-emitting-diode (MicroLED) display technology has drawn a lot of attention in display industry recently owing to the superior optical and electrical properties. In this work, the MicroLED display production technology and required achievement for commercialization is discussed.

Pekka Laiho
Chief Business Officer, OptoFidelity Oy

Title : Precise Metrology in Diffractive AR Waveguide Mass Production Process: Lessons and Innovations from OptoFidelity

Abstract : In this presentation, we examine the current landscape and principal challenges in producing waveguide based AR smartglasses for the consumer market. We will then explore potential solutions and strategies to overcome these hurdles, offering insights into advancing this emerging technology.

David Lewis
CEO, InZiv

Title : Design Diversity: Emerging Trends in microLED Chip Architecture, Metrology, and Inspection

Abstract : This talk will explore the wide diversity in new microLED chip designs, including variations in size and geometry of the LED chip and contact pads, wavelength, luminance, and other properties, and the implications for accurate and high throughput EL inspection.

Dr. Sascha Reinhardt
Product Manager, Instrument Systems GmbH

Title : Light measurement of XR devices 

Abstract : Different VR headset components require different metrics and hence different measurement devices for quality control. There exists several standards how the characteristics of displays and optical modules should be done. Depending on the measurement, an imaging and/or spot light measurement device should be used.

Activity manager – Imaging & Displays, Yole Group

Title : MicroLEDs in 2024: technology, industry, and market overview

Abstract : MicroLEDs have been around for many years and as 2024 celebrates the 10 year acquisition of LuxVue by Apple, how close are we to make microLEDs a real consumer product?

Dmytro Kornilov
CEO and Co-Founder, FFFACE.ME


Abstract : Subtitle: A practical manual for blending physical and digital experiences in brand communication.
In the age of Digital Fashion, Beauty, and the Metaverse, it’s crucial to distinguish effective instruments that drive sales from non-scalable hype bubbles. Experience has shown that the so-called Metaverse is not entirely about virtual worlds but about blending real-life experiences and digital content.
This talk covers:
– analysis of our new cases at the intersection of XR and offline – AR Mirrors for Mugler and Prada and Semi-digital Clothing collection for Bershka
– review of concrete outcomes that we received – awareness, audience engagement, and sales growth
– the best and proven to be effective XR setups for offline and practical manual for their implementation
Attendees will also learn essential, immediate action steps to take advantage of XR for offline and receive measurable and substantial sales growth.

Sung-jin Kim
Researcher (Ph.D), KIET(Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade)

Title : Global Trends and developing the XR Device Industry in Korea

Abstract : The XR industry is expanding fields beyond entertainment to the use of industries, education, and medical fields. Through this session, look into the current status of Korea XR industry and ways to develop it in the future.

Hiroshi Mukawa
Corporate Distinguished Engineer, Sony Group Corporation

Title : Overview of Optical See-through AR Display Architectures

Abstract : Several optical see-through architectures have been proposed using different microdisplay solutions In this talk, the author will present the advantages and challenges of those optical architectures in combination with microdisplays. Some research and development initiatives in Sony will also be introduced.

Dr. Norihiko Tanaka
Global Head of Future Display, Merck Electronics Ltd.

Title : Unlocking the Potential of AR/VR Technology through the Innovations at Merck

Abstract : AR/VR is expected as a next revolution of the internet. There is a drive towards high performance glasses-form-factor headsets which requires improved materials and processes. Merck believes this will be an inflection point for the technology.

Chiwoo Kim
CTO, Vice Chairman , APS Inc.

Title : OLED Color Patterning Technologies for AR/VR and IT Displays

Abstract : We have successfully developed the 3000ppi RGB direct patterned OLED of Silicon display for AR/VR applications. FMM (Fine Metal Mask) is used for RGB direct patterning of VTE (Vacuum Thermal Evaporation).

CEO, Sapien Semiconductors Inc.

Title : CMOS Backplane Technology and Its Challenge for µLEDoS AR/XR Display 

Abstract : This presentation will introduce the latest development on CMOS Backplane technology & products for LEDoS(LED-on-Silicon) by using PWM driving scheme and MIPTM (Memory-Inside-Pixel) pixel driver structure. Also, some of challenges will be discuseed by the industry.


Title : Microdisplays for XR and various applications

Abstract : Silicon based microdisplays are playing more important roles in various applications such as AR (augmented reality) glasses, MR (mixed reality) goggles, AR-HUD (head up display), media projectors, optical switches for telecom, 3-D printers, and so on. For each application segment, more detailed specification of microdisplay used in recent development will be covered. As the required resolution get higher and higher, a view on the power consumption of XR system will be also provided for the future trend of microdisplay development.

Patrick Schuster
Senior Process Technology Engineer, EV Group

Title : Unlocking New Possibilities: Nanoimprint Lithography for AR/VR/XR Waveguide Fabrication

Abstract : Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) has emerged as a crucial manufacturing technology, especially for intricate pattern requirements that cannot be easily met by traditional optical lithography. The flexibility of this method as well as the scalable fabrication of high-quality surfaces made NIL a key enabling technology for next-generation XR devices.

Chriss Changhun Hwang

Title : High Resolution Evaporator For 10Kppi OLEDoS Microdisplay.

Abstract : 10Kppi RGB OLEDoS should be in mass production state for the success of XR industry in the near Future. The presentation will discuss about the dual step FMM evaporator including the high resolution evaporation source, the high resolution FMM, and the high resolution vision aligner.

Harun H. Solak
CEO, Eulitha AG

Title : DTL: a High-Throughput, High-Fidelity Optical Lithography Method for Fabrication of Waveguide Combiners for Augmented Reality

Abstract : DTL has emerged as an advantageous alternative to projection and nanoimprint lithography for high volume production of sub-micron resolution periodic structures. Its main applications are in the field of photonics such as production of AR waveguides, DFB, VCSEL and PCSEL lasers.