2018 OLED KOREA Conference Program

* Official Language is English.

– Date :  March 7~8, 2018
Venue :  Novotel Ambassador Gangnam, Seoul, Korea

March 7 March 8
Morning Sessions · Opinion from Business and Industry Analysts · Vision and Idea about Future Applications
  • UBI Research
  • Securities / Consumer Market Analysts from China, Japan and Korea
  • Application by Industry: Mobile Device, TV, Automotive, Air Craft, Wearable AR/VR and Lighting
· View from Panel Makers about OLED Market  · Solution Process, yet to come
  • Korea Panel Makers
  • Chinese Panel Makers
  • Japanese Panel Makers
  • Ink-Jet Printer Companies
  • Soluble Emitting Material Companies
  • Panel Companies using Solution
· New Performance, New Opportunity  · New Technology Discussions for Next Generation Display or Better Process
  • Materials: CIP, Film&Adhesive, Cover Window)
  • Equipment: Evaporation
  • Sensors, FMM
  • Materials: TADF, Solution Process Materials and Electronic Materials
  • Studies from Research Institutes

* Networking Reception: 18:00~ (March 7)

Networking Events

Networking Breakfast

Offering an opportunity for attendants to meet the professionals, make new professional contacts and discuss industry information
and developments.

Networking Lunches

Facilitate a more relaxed atmosphere, interaction, encourage open and active dialogue which introduces
the possibilities of useful
and innovative discussions.

Coffee Breaks for socializing

Chances to meet and discuss with attendees, speakers, exhibitors and key players in the industry, allowing participants to socialize, exchange ideas and build productive relationships.

OLED Reception

Keeps the interaction with conversations. Participants enjoy the opportunity to meet new people, talk about the issues, share ideas and gain access
to advices and suggestions.