2019 Speakers

Dr. Choong Hoon Yi
Chief Analyst/President of UBI Research

Presentation Title : OLED Industry and Market Forecast in 2019

Dr. Hyein Jeong
Master of Display Research Center of Samsung Display

Presentation Title : Future Key Technology of OLED

Stephen Ko (KyuYoung Ko)
Vice President, Head of Global Promotion of LG Display

Presentation Title : How to create new value in display industry, LCD or OLED?

Dr. Amal Ghosh
CTO, Senior VP of eMagin

Presentation Title : OLED Micro-displays for VR/AR Applications

Dr. Julian Chang
Associate Tech Fellow of Boeing Commercial Airplane

Presentation Title : Airborne System & Cabin Integration enhance flight experiences and operations

Dr. Andreas Haldi
Chief Marketing Officer of Cynora

Presentation Title : TADF – Recent progress in developing highly efficient blue emitter materials

Junji Adachi
CEO of Kyulux

Presentation Title : Hyperfluorescence™, a Game Changing Technology of OLED Display

Dr. Michael Hack
Vice President of Business Development of UDC

Presentation Title : Future Directions for Phosphorescent OLED Displays

Jisung So
Technical Support Department Manager

Presentation Title : Development history and recent development progress of Blue OLEDs in Idemitsu Kosan.

Dr. Robert Jan Visser

Presentation Title : Equipment for OLED, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Reflective Colorfilters

Dr. James Lee
Deputy Chief Engineer of Advanced Display Technology of TCL Corporate Research

Presentation Title : The Latest Breakthrough of Printing Technology for Next Generation Premium TV Application

Dr. Toshiaki Arai
Chief Technologist, Department Manager of JOLED

Presentation Title : Strategic Market Creation of Printed OLED Display

Head of Global Technical Marketing OLED of  Merck

Presentation Title : OLEDs state-of-the-art materials: Merck development and latest status

Yamada Takeshi
General Manager of PLED Business Planning Office of SUMITOMO CHEMICAL CO., LTD.

Presentation Title : Latest Development of Soluble OLED Materials and Application to Mid-to-Large Panel Fabrication

Kyung-Bin Bae
Vice President of Kateeva

Presentation Title : Inkjet Printing for Flexible and Large-size OLEDs Manufacturing

Nahyoung Kim
Currently a Senior scientist at Nanosys

Presentation Title : Technology Platform for Future Displays

Michael Helander
President & CEO of OTI

Presentation Title : Material Advances for Transparent OLEDs

Dr. Hyunkoo Lee

Presentation Title : OLED Technologies for AR/VR

Dr. Chung-Seock Kang
Vice President of Kolon

Presentation Title : Colorless Polyimides (CPI®) for Flexible Electronics

Sun-Yong Park
Technical Manager of DMSD
(Display Materials and Systems Division)

Presentation Title : Optically Clear Adhesives for Future OLED Displays