Tutorial Speakers

Chang Wook Han, Ph.D.

Title : Key Technologies to Realize Large-Sized OLED Displays

Abstract : The speaker has participated in the development of White OLED TV for 15 years and has contributed to the commercialization of White OLED TV. In this tutorial, he would like to introduce the latest technology trends such as OLED TV product technology, Oxide TFT, compensation circuit, white OLED device including deuterium and MLA(micro lens array), and encapsulation.

MunPyo Hong
Professor, Korea University

Title : Core Technologies for High Resolution Stretchable AMOLED Display

Abstract : Recent stretchable devices are focused on the high stretchability but clearly reveal poor resolution and productivity. There have been a growing demand for the high image qualify even if it is multi-folded or stretched. In order to create high-resolution stretchable AMOLED displays beyond the limits, we have developed the proper solutions such as the stretching lamination with elastomeric film, the highly elastic & conductive metal bus-line based on the amorphous metal/copper multi-layer dry etching, and the pixelized encapsulation with a photo-patterned bilayer consisted of advanced ORMOCER hybrid polymer (2 um) and stoichiometric Si3N4 thin film (100nm) which provides the WVTR of 6.2 x 10-6 g/(m2day). We believe this approach could be most realistic strategy for high-resolution stretchable AMOLED displays enabling the cost-effective mass production.

Conference Speakers

Dr. Choong Hoon Yi
Chief Analyst, UBI Research

Title : OLED expanding into the IT market

Abstract : TBD

Ho Sun
Head of Sales & Marketing & Product Planning (Executive Vice President), Samsung Display

Title : Scripting a New Chapter in Visual Experience!

Abstract : Samsung Display continues its tradition of relentless innovation with the All-New QD-OLED 2023. Here at SDC, we believe the adventure is only getting started. Our drive to unlock breakthroughs and triumph over obstacles in pursuit of enabling the finest possible visual experience remains undiminished. In this session, we examine where QD-OLED is right now and where it’s headed.

Chirag C Shah
Director of Go-To-Market Team, Samsung Display

Title : Scripting a New Chapter in Visual Experience!

Abstract : Samsung Display continues its tradition of relentless innovation with the All-New QD-OLED 2023. Here at SDC, we believe the adventure is only getting started. Our drive to unlock breakthroughs and triumph over obstacles in pursuit of enabling the finest possible visual experience remains undiminished. In this session, we examine where QD-OLED is right now and where it’s headed.

Byoungki Choi
Master, Vice President, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT)

Title : Development of next generation emitting materials for OLED display

Abstract : The efficiency of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) devices is determined by several key ingredients. The host material determines only the charge balance factor, while phosphorescent dopant determines all the remaining dominant factors. So dopant materials are very difficult to develop because there are many dominant factors, to be tweaked or tinkered with, to maximize the device performance. To solve this problem, we have focused on building quantitative prediction models for each of the dominant factors. Here, I’d like to just present four quantitative prediction models we use for designing molecular structures in Samsung OLED displays.

Keywords: Phosphorescent dopant, organic light-emitting diode, prediction model

Minkyu (Justin) Jin
Vice President, LG Display

Title : Transparent OLED, future of display

Abstract : Introducing the infinite possibilities of transparent OLED beyond the limits of existing displays.

Steven SangHyun AHN
Head of Auto Sales Division (Vice President), LG Display

Title : The present and future of Automotive OLED display

Abstract : The main agenda of the presentation will be to contemplate the roles of display in changing environment of the automotive space. It will also include a description of changes in technology according to the changes in the market environment and the roles of OLED technology.
In addition, the introduction of LG Display’s business history in the automotive space, along with current and future roadmap in consideration of prospective customers’ needs.

Michael Hack
VP of Business Development, Universal Display Corporation

Title : UDC’s Recent Advances with Phosphorescent OLED Technology

Abstract : UDC’s mission is to be a key enabler in the OLED ecosystem and support our customers and the OLED industry’s growth with our broad and deep experience and know-how, proprietary OLED technologies and UniversalPHOLED (phosphorescent OLED) emissive material systems.
In this presentation, we outline how we are ensuring that our PHOLED technology roadmap meets the ever more demanding performance requirements of future products in the growing OLED market.

Dr. Charles Li
CEO, PlayNitride inc.

Title : Opportunities and Challenges for MicroLED Display

Abstract : MicroLED is an emerging technology with great display performance. This technology can be used for current display applications and new scenarios, such as transparent, seamless tiling, and AR glasses for metaverse. PlayNitride has developed proprietary PixeLED solutions for each application.

Dr. Oliver Haupt
Director Strategic Marketing Flat Panel Display, Coherent

Title : Laser Technologies for Today´s and Next Generation OLED Displays

Abstract : High-resolution OLED displays from very small VR to large IT panel sizes require new laser process today and in the future. Lasers are a key enabling manufacturing technology due to an unrivalled ability to yield smaller and more precise features at high throughput, and to work without physically damaging or overheating delicate parts.

John Brewer
CEO, Amorphyx

Title : The New Generation of Thin Film Electronics – Fast, Flexible, Simple

Abstract : Integrating device physics developed for CMOS FinFET manufacturing with advances in TFT and traditional deposition techniques, Amorphyx has developed a backplane technology roadmap combining new levels of performance with all-PVD processing that migrates directly from glass to plastic substrates.

Chiwoo Kim
CTO, Vice Chairman, APS Holdings

Title : RGB Direct Patterned OLED Display for AR/VR 

Abstract : We have successfully developed the 3000ppi RGB direct patterned OLED of Silicon display for AR/VR applications. FMM (Fine Metal Mask) is used for RGB direct patterning of VTE (Vacuum Thermal Evaporation).

Chriss Changhun Hwang

Title : How to mass produce the Micro OLED.                                                                                            : Ultimate Evaporation Deposition & TFE Encapsulation Technology.

Abstract : Micro OLED is regarded as the best display candidate for AR glass. However, there is no proven evaporation deposition & encapsulation technology yet appeared for the mass production of Micro OLED. As the ultimate tool to mass produce the 10,000ppi Micro OLED, the plane source evaporator with the TFE encapsulation will be discussed.

Willem-Jan Derks
Business Development Manager, Simbeyond B.V.

Title : Keeping at the forefront of OLED simulation

Abstract : Simbeyond presents the latest capabilities of its cutting-edge 3DkMC simulation software Bumblebee for advanced OLED R&D. Our innovative product development ensures customers are always one step ahead in the market, saving considerable time and resources optimizing devices and materials.

Jaehyeok Kim
CEO, LetinAR

Title : Elevate the usage time of high-performance plastic optics for smartglasses with the PinTILT™ design.

Abstract : Jaehyeok-Kim, CEO, LetinAR, will present “Elevate the usage time of high-performance plastic optics for smartglasses with the PinTILT™ design.” Based on the simple PinTILT™ structure, lightweight form factor, high light efficiency, color uniformity, and affordable price would be possible today.

Chang-Mo Kang
Senior researcher (Ph.D.), KOPTI (Korea Photonics Technology Institute)

Title : The full color realization of micro LED displays for AR/VR application 

Abstract : The fabrication of micro-LED displays for AR/VR generally requires a flip-chip bonding that combines a monochromatic LED array with a CMOS chip. However, it limits the realization of full color. Here, various micro-LED technologies to realize full color are introduced.

Albert Choo
Principal Scientist, Chengdu Vistar Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd.

Title : The progress and trends of Micro-LED display technology

Abstract : The value and opportunity of Micro-LED display are introduced. And the issues and efforts to accelerate production are also reviewed. The understanding of progress and trends of key technologies will serve the expectation and prospect for Micro-LED display.

Robert Visser
Vice President, Applied Materials, Inc.

Title : Developing a Platform for Creating Waveguide Combiners for AR Headsets and Meta surface-based Optics.

Abstract : Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR) will become the new platforms for communicating learning and computing. Waveguide combiners are essential for transporting, expanding, and faithfully rendering the image generated by the display onto the glasses. Using more than 50 years of experience in creating and structuring thin films for semiconductor technology, we are now developing waveguide combiners on glass. Metasurface-based optics will revolutionize the world of optics, creating new opportunities for creating new devices which could not easily be created in classical optics and with a much thinner form factor. We will describe the new materials and the techniques to create these nanostructured optical devices.

Christopher Brown
Executive Director, Schrödinger

Title : Accelerated OLED materials innovation by digital chemistry and augmented intelligence

Abstract : Simulate first for materials design
Film morphology from molecular deposition and solution processing
Light-emitting material spectral prediction
Excited state energy transfer: Impact of intermolecular interactions in OLED films
Enterprise platform for digital chemistry
How to partner with Schrödinger to accelerate commercialization

Melissa Wang
COO, Beijing Runto Technology Co.,Ltd.

Title : Development trends of the global high-end TV and MNT market in 2023

Abstract : The rapid changes in global economic performance have deeply affected the consumer electronics market. Driven by consumption classification and carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, the development of the television and MNT industry are undergoing quantitative to qualitative change.

Zine Bouhamri
Yole Group

Title : MicroLEDs have been the hot topic for many years. Are they real and can they enable the AR revolution?

Abstract : AR glasses are supposed to replace smartphones, or that is what the industry has been advertising for many years. How real is that assumption? What is the current status of AR glasses? And can the hardware be ready soon or should the industry still focus on developing the next pieces of hardware? All while considering the proper use case, as without that, there is no way the industry can move forward. This talk will give a general up-to-date overview about microLEDs and we shall share more context about what microLEDs can deliver to enable the AR revolution that the whole industry is waiting for.