Conference Information

– Date :  March 7~8, 2018
Time :  9:00 ~ 18:00 Networking Reception (March 7(Wed) 18:00~)
Venue :  Novotel Ambassador Gangnam, Seoul, Korea

March 7 March 8
Morning Sessions · Opinion from Business and Industry Analysts · Vision and Idea about Future Applications
  • UBI Research
  • Securities / Consumer Market Analysts from China, Japan and Korea
  • Application by Industry: Mobile Device, TV, Automotive, Air Craft, Wearable AR/VR and Lighting
· View from Panel Makers about OLED Market  · Solution Process, yet to come
  • Korea Panel Makers
  • Chinese Panel Makers
  • Japanese Panel Makers
  • Ink-Jet Printer Companies
  • Soluble Emitting Material Companies
  • Panel Companies using Solution
· New Performance, New Opportunity  · New Technology Discussions for Next Generation Display or Better Process
  • Materials: CIP, Film&Adhesive, Cover Window)
  • Equipment: Evaporation
  • Sensors, FMM
  • Materials: TADF, Solution Process Materials and Electronic Materials
  • Studies from Research Institutes

Committee Members

Committee Chair

Dr. Kyuha Chung
Miwon Commercial

1970-1974 : BS, Seoul National University, Korea
1979-1980 : MS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Materials Sci. & En, USA
1981-1985 : PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Materials Sci. & En, USA

1986-2000 : Sr. R&D Manager, Electronic materials R&D Dow Corning Corp., USA
2000-2007 : Sr. Vice President, AMOLED Develop. Team, Samsung Electronics, Korea
2007-2012 : Sr. Vice President, Display Materials R&D, Samsung Cheil Industries, Korea
2012-2015 : Ex. Vice President, Silicone Electronics Business, Wacker Korea
2015- : current President, CTO, Miwon Commercial Co., Korea

Committee Member

Dr. Sooyoung Yoon
Senior Vice President
LG Display

1989 : B.S., Physics, Hanyang University
1999 : Ph.D., Physics, Hanyang University

2000-2006 : Research Engineer, Philips Research Center
2002-2008 : Research Engineer, LG Philips LCD
2012.05-2015.11 : Head of OLED Research Division, LG Display
2015.12~Present : Head of LGD Laboratory, LG Display

Mr. Tetsuo Urabe
Executive Alumnus of Sony Corporation

Mr. Urabe got MS degree from Tohoku University and joined Sony Corporation in 1974. Since then he has worked on LCD and OLED display devices. Mr. Urabe was appointed as the president of display device development division of Sony Corporation in 2004 and his team successfully launched world first OLED TV in 2007. In 2008 he was appointed Corporate Executive Senior Vice President of Sony Corporation. Mr. Urabe is now invited senior researcher of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology and Executive Director of Japan Advanced Printed Electronics Technology Research Association (JAPERA)..

Dr. Julian Chang
Assistant Director
Boeing Commercial Airplane

1. System Design & Management Certification, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2. Systems Engineering Certification, California Institute of Technology
3. MS Program Management, Colorado Technical University
4. BS Electrical Engineering, California State University – Long Beach

Mr. Chang has over 25 years of transport aircraft industry experiences. He started career at McDonnell Douglas Aircraft on 1987 with 7 years of actual in-flight, flight test engineering experience in aircraft system testing; followed with 8 years of aircraft components and electronics system product development as a Product Development manager at TRW Company for both transport aviation and general aviation industries.  In year 2002, he returned back to Boeing to continue transport airplane modification program on 747 & 767.  He has been responsible for electronics/electrical system integration, electronics equipment producibility and new emergent technology applications on many Boeing airplanes.  His experiences are not only in technical engineering but also specialized in optics and vision applications. He has accomplished many improvements in optical system for both military and commercial airplanes. He received Boeing Special Invention Awards in 2009 for a 3D optical design and held several US design patents in lighting and vision system.  Mr. Chang is currently an Associate Tech Fellow of Boeing Commercial Airplane (BCA) division and part of design center group work 737NG/MAX, 787 and 777X development. He is Boeing enterprise Tech Fellow liaison for SASE (Society of Asian Scientist & Engineer), a panel chair for NATO Stander, Washington State University Boeing Scholar technical member, and Vice President of SCAAE association.

Dr. Michael Hack
Vice President of Business Development
Universal Display Corporation

Dr. Michael Hack, is Vice-President of Business Development at Universal Display Corporation. He is responsible for developing and commercializing advanced high efficiency next generation OLED products, with a special focus on flexible display applications and solid-state lighting.  Prior to joining UDC in 1999, he was associated with dpiX, a Xerox Company, where he was responsible for manufacturing flat panel displays and digital medical imaging products based on amorphous silicon TFT technology.   Dr. Hack received his Ph. D. degree from Cambridge University, England in 1981 and in 2007 Dr. Hack was elected a Fellow of the Society for Information Display. In 2014 Dr. Hack was nominated to serve on the board of the U.S. OLED Lighting Coalition to promote the advancement and commercialization of OLED lighting.

Dr. Chiwoo Kim
AP Systems Holdings

1989 : Ph. D. University of Texas at Austin, USA
1990 : Post Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

1991 :  Samsung Electronics: Vice President
2000 :  Sungkyunkwan University, Adjunct Professor
2009 :  Samsung Mobile Display, Senior Vice President
2012 :  Samsung Display, Senior Vice President
Present :  Seoul National University: Adjunct Professor
AP Systems Holdings: President/CTO

Welcome Message

Dear colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to acknowledge that there will be the 4th OLED KOREA CONFERENCE, Seoul Korea for two days on March 7th and 8th in 2018.  As many of you may already know the needs of OLED panels for small and medium size displays will be more than double in 2018 so that the majority of premium smart phones will adapt OLED displays. And the OLED TVs of large size OLED panels have already taken a solid position for premium TV applications.  In other words the OLED industry is getting exploded.  As the OLED industry expands rapidly and becomes a main stream of flat panel display community the needs for the closer communication and exchanging the information in the community become more evident than ever.  I’d like to invite everyone in the community to the conference sharing the updates and new findings timely and effectively.

This year we have formed an advisory board for the conference to reflect the needs and interests of the panel manufactures, equipment makers and OLED suppliers for parts and materials to the conference program directly by having representatives of the industry on board.  I hope the conference becomes a good opportunity of exchanging information.  And I wish the OLED industry grow continuously and strongly believe that we all could contribute to the growth of OLED industry business.


Kyuha Chung, Ph.D., Chair of Advisory Board  of 4th OLED Korea Conference

Why OLED Korea Conference

OLED KOREA CONFERENCE is aiming to be the most accredited conference in OLED/Display industry 

Best programs with reputed/respected speakers
Best networking place for sharing ideas and seeking new opportunities
Great sources for partnership
Bringing the most reliable sources for market/industry forecast

Following by Samsung Electronics, Apple and Chinese set makers are actively adopting AMOLED panel for their premium models.

This “OLED Trends” is not just the case of Mobile market but also of Premium TV market.

Following by LG Electronics, Chinese and European set makers and Sony, especially, if you remember the glory of Bravia in
the past, are joining OLED Camp. It is noticing that OLED industry has further momentum for the growth.

Late comers are putting their massive resources for mass production of AMOLED panel but also, Samsung Display and LG Display will be further equipped with more advanced technologies including flexible display, high resolution and high brightness.
Thus, Korea continues to lead AMOLED market in the visible future AND

OLED KOREA Conference is the best place to discuss about OLED marekt

The world Biggest International Business Conference will be held
to highlight OLED’s present and future from diverse perspectives.

Summary of Last Conference