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Mike Lu
Director OLED Technology
Acuity Brands Lighting Inc

New OLED Luminaire Products, Materials and Device Design

New hybrid OLED/LED luminaire products from Acuity Brands will be discussed. Relevant developments in new OLED materials and device structure taking place in the wider OLED industry will be reviewed. Finally, new trends in lighting application related to light and health will be discussed.

Juergen Kreis
Director Business Development


AIXTRON’s proprietary OVPD, PVPD, and OPTACAP processes and their specific advantages for cost-efficient OLED manufacturing

Joseph Sangmin Jeong
Senior Investment Associate
Applied Materials

Ruimao Hua
Chief Engineer
China Slichem

Technologies for OLED Materials in China Slichem

Found in 1987, having the longest history of flat panel display material company in China, China Slichem has developed the technologies not only for manufacture of liquid crystals applied in TFT-LCD, but also for producing organic materials for OLED display. The presentation focuses on the introduction of the achievement in synthesizing the molecules with deep-blue electroluminescence, phosphorescent materials, as well as the technologies for recovering of OLED materials.

Mathias Mydlak
Product Management


David Flattery
Business Development Manager 

Progress and Status of Solution OLED Materials

OLED devices fabricated from solution can approach performance levels achieved with evaporation when the materials, formulations, and process are optimized.  In this talk the development of new materials and interactions of these additional factors with device performance will be discussed.  Printed devices have now been demonstrated to deliver performance that can meet or even exceed commercial devices produced by evaporation.  In some cases the application of the core technologies developed to improve lifetime of printed devices is now being transferred to evaporable versions of these materials.

Jeong-lk Lee
OLED Research Center
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institue

Technology Status of OLED Lighting.

Although OLEDs have achieved great advancement in lighting applications, OLEDs still need performance improvements and cost reductions in panel fabrication. In this presentation, current technology status to improve performance of OLED panels and reduce fabrication cost will be reviewed.

Tomasz Wanski

R2R OLED manufacturing on flexible glass and barrier foils

The presentation will review recent activities regarding S2S and R2R OLED fabrication on ultra-thin flexible glass and polymer barrier films in Fraunhofer FEP. Recent progress regarding the lifetime of OLEDs fabricated in R2R process on high quality substrates will be discussed.

Armin Sautter

New conductive polymers for solution processed OLEDs and foldable touch sensors

A new solvent-based PEDOT will be introduced as printable HIL material. Progress of HIL-electrode materials to planarize metal-mesh electrodes for lighting will be reported, and an example of a foldable touch sensor with PEDOT integrated with a flexible AMOLED display will be given.

Conor Madigan

Inkjet Technology for OLED Mass Production – From TFE to RGB: The Benefits of Scale

Inkjet Printing (IJP) is a mature mass-production equipment solution for flexible OLEDs. Kateeva leads the market with its YIELDjet™ FLEX system that enables thin film encapsulation.
Now, IJP is being applied to enable large-size RGB OLED displays. Kateeva’s Co-founder will reveal how the team is augmenting its existing IJP solutions with unique technologies to accelerate its RGB OLED product development.

Chung-Seock Kang
Vice President
Kolon Central Research Park

High Performance Plastic Substrates for Flexible Displays

The interest in flexible displays has been growing since they have many advantages like portability, conformability, and so on. And also their market volume is predicted to drastically increase in the future. The development of high performance plastic substrates is one of the key factors necessary to realize flexible displays. In this talk, current academic and industrial R&D on substrates for flexible displays, will be discussed.

Takuya Komoda

Key Technologies and Future Prospects of High Efficient White OLED for Lighting Application

  1. Expectation to the Next Gengeration Lighting
  2. Necessary Technologies of OLED for Lighting Application
  3. Realization of High Efficacy and high Quality White OLED over 200 Im/W

Jin Jang
Kyung Hee University

Advanced Oxide TFT Backplane Technologies for Highly Flexible AMOLED

Advanced oxide backplane technologies will be reviewed based on the recent results on a-IGZO TFTs carried out at ADRC. We developed a high effective mobility of >50cm2/Vs using bulk accumulation (BA) mode of TFT. BA TFT can be also suitable for highly flexible AMOLED and ultra-high resolution gate drivers. The technologies will be explained after reviewing the recent results on oxide TFTs.

Won-Gyun Youn
Team Leader
LG Display

“OLED” The Next Display

  1. Display Trend
  2. OLED Technology
  3. Future of OLED

Remi Anemian
Head of Global Technical Marketing OLED

From evaporation to printing – state of the art OLED materials

Akira Ohno
Science & Technology Research Center

High performance polymer semiconductors

Craig Borkowski
Corporate Vice President

The Advantages of Silicone Chemistry in Next Generation Displays.

This presentation will review the advantages and disadvantages of using silicone chemistry in next generation displays, as compared to other chemistries.  Reliability data will be shared on a variety of materials being used in

Jwo-huei Jou
National Tsing Hua University

OLED based healthy lights for lighting and displays

Good light sources that are friendly to human eyes, health, artifacts, environment, ecosystems, and night sky can be generated using OLED technology. We will present OLED based candlelight for lighting and pure white emission for displays to minimize the blue hazards.

Miguel Friedrich
Vice President

Advances in Slot Die Coating Technology for OLED Applications

nTact, the pioneer and leader in slot die coating technology, has developed advancements in its coating technology demonstrating great potential towards enabling solution-based OLED processing.

These include:

  • Coating of various layers including planarization, light extraction, transparent conductive, emissive (SSL), and encapsulation
  • Techniques for patterned coating
  • Systems for inert gas processing
  • Technology path from Sheet-to-Sheet to Roll-to-Roll for OLED Lighting applications

Joo Sung Lee
Head of OS & SP

OLED for Automotive application.

Osram OLED introduction
Automotive lighting trends
OLED feature for new application in automotive
Requirement for automotive application

John Ritter
Executive Vice President, Product Development

Quantum Dot Displays: Commercialization Status and Future Roadmap.

Presentation will review the current status of quantum dot-enhanced LCD displays, including alternative material solutions and product form factors.  Benchmarking of alternative wide-color gamut display technologies will be reviewed, along with the future technology roadmap.

Mauro Riva
Business Developer
SAES Group Corporate HQ.

Enabling flexible electronics using Advanced Functional Composite based encapsulation.

Encapsulation requirements for OLEDs can be very demanding.
Nevertheless, good encapsulation is enabling for flexible OLEDs to access mass market. We believe SAES “Functional Polymer Composites” may play a prime role to make encapsulation more and more effective…

Hyeyong Chu
Senior Vice President
Samsung Display

Display beyond Imagination

1) Mega trend & Market

2) Advantage of AMOLED

3) Advanced Products

4) Tech. Issues

5) Keys of Success

Changhee Lee
Seoul National University

Current status and issues of quantum dot light-emittind diode (QLED) technology

1. Introduction: Display Tech Trends, Quantum Dots (QDs)
3. Current Status of QLED Technology
4. Some Critical Issues for Success

Junyeob Lee
Sungkyunkwan University

Key issues and prospect of OLED materials

Recent progress of OLED materials and future direction of OLED material development to improve the efficiency and lifetime will be presented.

Choong Hoon Yi

Dynamic change in OLED industry

Mansu(Matt) Kim
Key Technical Account Manager
Universal Display Corporation

Status and Opportunities for Phosphorescent OLED Lighting

UDC is a pioneer in the development of phosphorescent OLED technology and materials for both display and lighting applications. In this presentation we outline the status and opportunities for PHOLED technology and link exciting new products to technological advances.

Xiuqi Huang
General Manager

Development of AMOLED Display: From Rigid to Flexible

Recently, rigid AMOLED display industry has stepped into mass production stage. However, flexible AMOLED display has attracted more attention due to its great potential to generate novel product market. In this presentation, the latest progress of R&D and mass production of OLED display in Visionox will be introduced.

York Tsai
WiseChip Semiconductor Inc.

Status and Opportunities of PMOLED Display

  • Introduction of WiseChip
  • Advantage of PMOLED
  • PMOLED Market & Applications
  • Opportunities of PMOLED

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