Booth Benefits (KRW 4,000,000)

  • Company Logo will be placed on OLED Korea Conference Materials
  • 1 Complimentary conference registration for two days
  • 20% discount for one additional conference registration
  • Five Minute Speaking Opportunity
  • A coffee station will be provided at the exhibition. All exhibitors will also be represented during the evening of the 7th networking time.

2022 Booth Company

FlexiGO Inc.

FlexiGO Inc. is a company that develops and manufactures testing equipment specialized for evaluation and inspection of mechanical durability and environmental reliability of materials/panels/modules/devices.

We developed ‘Foldy’ and ‘Rolly&Slidy’ series for folding, rolling and sliding reliability tests,  In addition, we are developing new equipment that can contribute to R&D and commercialization of next-generation products such as Twistable and Stretchable.